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Review NAD M23 power amplifier – Masterful Purity


  • Smooth character
  • Clean power
  • Steady performance


  • None...
  • We need to start saving again?
  • Prijs: € 3500

    Build quality
    NAD M23


    What a gem NAD has again put on the market with the NAD M23 power amplifier. Where the NAD C298 has already blown us away in terms of price and performance, the NAD M23 goes just a little further. Even cleaner, even smoother and more calm. So yes: the NAD M23 is really better than the NAD C298. You get what you pay for. It is up to you to decide whether it is 1500 euro better. Alpha Approved!

    Measurements and conclusion NAD M23


    That NAD has an interesting product with the M23 is obvious. But how does the device stack up technically? Well: good!

    The noise floor is between -120 and -110 dB at 1 watt over 8 Ohms. Distortion at 1 watt input is 0.0145% which is neat. At slightly higher loads, the noise floor drops partially to -140dB and we see the distortion drop as well: 0.006%.

    Intermodulation distortion is practically non-existent with 0.00045%. Also, the frequency response is practically straight. Super. If we look at the power measurement we measure 180 watts in 8 Ohms, 357 watts in 4 Ohms and 722 watts in bridge mode. Fairly around the specified power output.

    Now a word about what the M23 throws back at the mains. That can be an issue with a SMPS. We can see from the picture below that it is not that bad. Green is with the M23 on and a small load on it. Pink is off (standby). In short: almost no distotion or noise is thrown back to the grid. At least: not in the audible band.

    M23 load - green - vs no load - pink


        1. Hi,
          thank you for this comparison. It was the one I was looking for.
          So as expected M23 sounds better than C 298.
          Since M23 costs almost twice the price of C298,
          I am wondering how does two C 298 bridged sounds compare to one single M23?

        2. Hi!

          Bridge mode doesn’t improve quality. It just gives you more power / grip. The M23 is more fluid and smooth. That difference will always be the same: bridge mode or not.

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