Review NAD M33 all-in-one


  • Complete solution
  • Looks amazing
  • Very fine sound
  • Expandable


  • No usb-b possibility
  • No home theatre passthrough
  • Prijs: € 5499

    Build quality
    NAD M33

    Test set-up


    We connect the NAD M33 to three reference speakers: the Focal Sopra No1, the Bowers & Wilkins 805D3 and the DALI Rubicon 6. This gives us a solid impression of how the NAD M33 reacts to different speakers.

    Connecting to the speakers is done with Driade Flow speaker cables. We have also used these in our last multitest of integrated amplifiers. We have connected the NAD M33 both with a standard power-cable (directly into the wall) and via the Isotek Titan EVO3 EVO3 with an Audioquest NRG-1000. These differences are definitely audible. And where the M12 and M32 were not fond of filters, the M33 is fine with that. We hear a leap in transparency and dynamics if we use the Isotek Titan. Mains cabling and a solid network are the dot on the ‘i’.

    We mainly streamed via the BluOS module. As an extra we also played with the Metrum Acoustics Ambre streamer and Pavane-dac. We connected the Pavane to the NAD M33 via a pair of XLR cables from Grimm. Know that the M33 digitizes this signal. However, we have not heard any crazy, striking things.

    Sample NAD M33 on Focal Sopra

    Download lossless sample files here.

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