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Review Neat Acoustics Ministra


  • Relaxed sound
  • Full, controlled bass
  • Can be close to the wall
  • Beautifully made


  • Enthusiastic tweeter
  • Proper control required
  • Should be a little closer to the wall
  • Prijs: € 2350

    Build quality
    NEAT Ministra


    Neat Acoustics is a relatively small company from Teesdale, Great Britain that has been making handmade loudspeakers for twenty years (all in the UK). In recent years, the company has been in the news mainly with its separate Iota line and also has a clear range with the Motive, Momentum and Ultimatum series. The Neat Ministra, which is on the menu today, and the Ekstra are separate from those series and form a mini-series within Neat Acoustics

    The Neat Ministra is actually the ‘upper part’ of the Neat Ekstra, the slender floorstander of the NEAT-family. These loudspeakers are available in different designs but they keep their matte black front. The reason for this separate front is to prevent vibrations and thus reduce colouring. Our light oak veneer version is elegant and timeless and fits well into our modern, Scandinavian style interior. Other finishes are two types of walnut veneer and satin white. So, something for everyone.

    The Neat Ministra is a two-way monitor that is a bit deeper than average and that has its reasons. This monitor is equipped with two mid-/bass-drivers. One visible driver that is set up in a closed construction and a second invisible driver where the air can escape through the bass port. This so-called isobaric setup (serial) should provide a more controlled bass in a small housing

    The beautiful ribbon-tweeter is also in the front. A separated part. This monitor is designed in such a way that it performs especially well, close to the wall. Ideal for those who have less space. The Ministra’s weigh 8kg each and are firmly assembled. The visual contrast between both parts is easy to get used to. And we like it more and more after a few weeks.

    The Neat Ministra is in fact a combination of different series. The design comes from the Ultimatum series and the materials from the other series.


    The paper mid-bass driver in the Ministra is the star of this monitor. We have the feeling that Neat has found a very nice balance between punch and ‘balls’ with this monitor. Luckily the bass doesn’t come across as slow, something we are allergic to. The tweeter provides a dynamic sound without compression but has to be carefully combined with the space and the other components in the system. In this monitor, Neat technicians have carefully put together the best from a number of collections and used all their knowledge to design a special speaker.

    We read a sensitivity of 86db in 4ohm and indeed notice that this monitor likes some power. More even, the control of this serious monitor is not without obligation. The Rega Aethos went very well and our Benchmark system was a good match as well. Both are expensive amplifiers and the Ministra needs that. Keep that in mind.

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