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Review Nubert NuConnect TRX wireless transmitter


  • Widely deployable
  • Well priced
  • Sounds great!


  • Could sound a little too obtrusive
  • Price: € 130

    Build quality
    Nubert Nuconnect TRX


    Nubert has a really nice product in its hands with the Nubert NuConnect TRX. The system is extremely flexible. It connects with each other and with various products from the Pro-line. Think of active speakers, subwoofers, etcetera. This makes it possible to set up a - rudimentary - multiroom system. Although we find the wireless link particularly useful. And the usb-dac function. A PC can be connected to a hi-fi system very quickly and easily. We also see applicability for rear speakers in a surround setup. In short: plenty of possibilities! Nice product!

    The Sound


    Nubert Nuconnect TRX

    At Alpha Audio we of course want to know: what does it sound like? How good is such a wireless connection? In this case it will mainly depend on the d/a converter used. Unfortunately we can’t find anything about which chip was used. We won’t be surprised if it’s a mobile Sabre-dac. Just like in the Dragonfly, for example.

    What immediately strikes us is the amount of definition we hear. The presentation is just very detailed. If we switch between the Bluesound Node 2 and the Nubert NuConnect TRX (both connected to a Dion Audio system), we also hear that the Nubert plays a little louder. And that while both sources in Roon are set on a fixed output. So we have to level as we switch. But back to detail: we miss nothing when we listen to the Nubert NuConnect TRX. And that’s impressive.

    But… we also hear that the presentation of the Nubert is a bit less calm and that it shows a bit less depth in the stereo-image and less layering in the music. Considering the price, that’s not surprising: 549 euros for the Bluesound, compared to 260 euros for a set of Nubert TRX-boxes. And yeah: in that perspective, we say: good deal! Moreover, the product is very versatile. And if we’re not going to compare A-B and just listen to music, we can only conclude that this is a very capable and nice wireless cable replacement. And on top of that also a usb-dac… Very interesting proposition!

    Think about it: a wireless connection from practically any source. Usable for subwoofers, wireless speakers, receivers … You can place them wherever you want. No more cables. And the transmitter and receiver are powered via USB. In short: plug-in anywhere for the 5 volts it works on. And they probably sound better when they’re powered by a good power supply. We haven’t tested that, but our experience up till now is that it’s always been better: USB is just a ‘dirty’ connection. We understand this product. Especially with this price tag and the accompanying solid performance!

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