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Review Nubert X-4000 RC (NuPro)


  • Powerful and full sound
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Multiroom built in
  • Room correction possibilities
  • Easy to use


  • Not really neutral sounding
  • Build quality
    Nubert X-4000



    We tested the Nubert X-4000 in different places. In the studio in Leiden and in the Artone studio. We connected the speakers via the XLR input. Used DACs: Sennheiser DVD800, Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. And we made use of Bluetooth.

    The X-4000s come with a remote control that works fine. You can also control the functions on the front with arrow keys. Everything has been thought of; wonderful German Gründlichkeit.


    Both studios in which the Nuberts played are large. A total area of 80-100 square meters and a height of 4 meters or more. And acoustically treated with absorbent material. It was noticeable that the monitors had no trouble filling these spaces with music.

    The Nubert X-4000s sound nice, with generous bass; the projection of sound is forward. We weren’t able to compare A-B, but the sound might compare well with the Dali Rubicon 2C wireless monitors.


    Also worth mentioning is the ease of operation. Connect both speakers to the power outlet and you’re done. The X-4000s find each other immediately. One thing you need to check is left or right… you can do that very easy via the build in menu. Now you select the source on the remote and you have music. Active: easy and fast (it’s like we’re touting a new kind of detergent, but you (hopefully) know better).

    In practice, we often used Bluetooth to listen to a piece of music from the phone in the studio. This also worked fine and it sounded good too. We also use the Live room in Leiden to just work, to have a meeting; we listened unnoticed for hours via Bluetooth to the Nuberts, again: nice and easy.

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