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Review Nubert X-4000 RC (NuPro)


  • Powerful and full sound
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Multiroom built in
  • Room correction possibilities
  • Easy to use


  • Not really neutral sounding
  • Build quality
    Nubert X-4000


    The Nubert X-4000 - or Nubert NuPro X-4000 RC - active monitors from Nubert impress. They sound good, have power and are very easy to install and operate. Moreover, they have almost any connection, from Bluetooth to XLR. Nubert has chosen a monitor that looks rather 'pro' and that should also come into its own in the living room. We think the X-4000 is primarily a nice monitor for home use and that should be reflected in the design. Competitors in active streaming speakers (Dali, KEF, B&W) make design speakers in about the same price range. But they offer far fewer connection options than these Nuberts. If you go for no nonsense and functionality, then the X-4000s are your active streaming monitors.

    Room correction


    Nubert also offers the possibility to use an app to measure your listening space with your phone, after which the speaker can be calibrated specifically for your situation. We have not tested this possibility but we have good experience with similar room correction systems.

    We prefer to test a speaker as it is, so we can appreciate the characteristics of the monitor as honestly as possible. In other words: a component must be ok ‘as-is’ So… with calibration it can only get better. This is why we test equipment in the studio with basic quality cables or very neutral cables. We then know that these play no role in the reproduction


    These monitors have a bit of a double signature; they are suitable for home use but also in the studio. Whether we would use them for mixing or mastering ourselves? They are not neutral enough for that. In the studio we want a monitor that lets us hear everything; we want more of an instrument than a monitor that is focused on beautiful reproduction.

    The Neumann KH 120 in the multitest active monitors is a good example. Very nice to work with but as a pleasant speaker for home use less suitable. However, we would use the Nubert X-4000 to simulate a hi-fi system at home, to check how the mix sounds on a home system. And we would, as we wrote earlier, use the system for ‘occasional listening’. Just listening to a piece of music without being reminiscent of studio work.

    In that sense, Nubert has played it smart with the X-4000. It’s a bit in between, the best of both worlds. You have almost every connection you could want on these monitors, right down to XLR. There is a pleasantly working remote control and you have the convenience of a streaming/multiroom speaker that already sounds very good by default. With the room correction, you can tune the sound even further to the acoustics of your room.

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