Review NuPrime Ida-8 integrated amplifier


  • Compact
  • Controle
  • Complementair


  • Gets (very) hot
  • Prijs: € 1450

    Build quality


    Compact, complete and complementary. That's how we would describe the Nuprime Ida-8 integrated amplifier. And robust, round and rhythmic when we talk about the reproduction. This small device has enough power to drive almost any speaker. The reproduction is gentle but with a great sense of timing. This is why it works well with different types of speakers. The NuPrime Ida-8 was our first introduction to this manufacturer and certainly did not disappoint. Their unusual view on amplification commands respect and makes us curious about their other products. This entry-level system does in any case not do badly and can be the ideal solution for a compact and affordable system. 

    Measurements and Conclusion


    We have previously measured the NuPrime IDA-8 in the mass test. This showed that NuPrime has its act together nicely. Power is according to specification and noise is well within margin. We only measured the amplifier side for the mass test (given the scale and focus of the test). However, we can imagine that the dac is also fine.

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