Review NuPrime Omnia WR-1 streamer


  • Plays excellent
  • Many connections
  • Solid service integration


  • Power Supply could be better
  • Prijs: € 379

    Build quality
    NuPrime Omnia WR-1

    The NuPrime App


    So NuPrime has its own app. A great app in fact. There is an application for both iOS and Android. And yes: both for tablet and smartphone. We took some screenshots for you and recorded a screencapture. This will give you a good idea of how the app works.

    The NuPrima app allows everything: switching inputs, controlling volume, browsing through your network, streaming from services, etcetera. We estimate that most users will understand the structure within a few minutes. Each app takes some getting used to in the beginning. However, we quickly got used to this UPnP-enabled app.

    The app allows you to name zones and set zones as left / right / stereo. Including this WR-1. This gives of course interesting possibilities. With all-in-one speakers it is clear; stereo pairing. With the WR-1 it is less clear what a scenario could be. Although it makes long cables obsolete when talking about an in-ceiling system in a large living room for example.

    The app in moving image

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