Review NuPrime Omnia WR-1 streamer


  • Plays excellent
  • Many connections
  • Solid service integration


  • Power Supply could be better
  • Prijs: € 379

    Build quality
    NuPrime Omnia WR-1


    A price tag of EUR 379 suggests that it can't be a decent player. But appearances are deceptive. This is just a very nice product. Even with the 'red-white' cords, the NuPrime Omnia WR-1 plays well beyond expectation. Is that because the Nuprime is above average, or do we have to adjust our expectations? Good question. For now: certainly a streamer that is interesting for those looking for a solid product in this class!



    Who thinks that (relatively) cheap devices always sound bad: think again. The NuPrime Omnia WR-1 does not sound bad at all! In fact, it sounds remarkably good. The sound image is balanced, we don’t hear loud s-sounds like sometimes happens in this class (usually due to excessive jitter), and the stereo image is indeed very mature. When using Bluetooth and Airplay it is – as expected – all a bit less smooth and refined, but still very acceptable.

    We tested the NuPrime Omnia WR-1 mainly in our workspace. That system consists of a Dion Audio T92 tube pre-amp, and a SD60 Class D power amplifier, a Van Medevoort PFM-2 power filter, Audioquest cabling and a pair of Teufel Definion 3 speakers. We know this system well, as we listen to it practically all day long. Normally a Metrum Acoustics Baby Ambre with Amethyst-dac / headphone amplifier is responsible for music. And yes… now the Omnia WR-1. And to be honest: it feels perfectly at home.


    Compared to the Ambre / Amethyst combination – 1750 euro, excluding Roon – we do of course miss something concerning imaging, refinement and precision. But… think about it. The Ambre is a only a Roon-endpoint (although it is possible to flash other firmware) and the Amethyst offers – apart from a very nice headphone connection – also not the connectivity that the NuPrime does offer. Think Bluetooth. Or all the services the NuPrime offers.

    In summary: the Metrum duo may sound better, but the NuPrime Omnia WR-1 offers a lot more possibilities. And it’s a lot cheaper. If we include Roon we are at 2350 euros, compared to 375 euros. If we count a Flint dac instead of an Amethyst (which is a Flint with a headphone amplifier and an analog input), it’s 750 euros less. But still a lot more expensive!

    The reason we cover this in such detail is that we show that it’s not all that black and white. Yes, the Metrum combination sounds better. But the NuPrime offers a lot more possibilities. And it also sounds good. Better than you probably expect. And that’s remarkable… isn’t it?

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