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Review Pass Labs INT-25 integrated amplifier


  • Sounds insanely smooth
  • And very neutral
  • Compact
  • Extreme control


  • Only three inputs
  • No XLR
  • Price: € 8900

    Build quality
    Pass Labs INT-25


    Pass Labs offers a wonderful, purist amplifier with the INT25. Pure analogue pleasure. Smooth, open, fast, fluent, neutral. 25 Watts may seem like you will run short, but it is enough in most cases. Our Focal Sopra No1 sang wonderfully with the Pass powering it. Also at higher volume.

    The only thing to take into account is the fact that there are only three inputs available. And that they are all single ended rca. Can you handle that? Do not hesitate. This is a real Pass Labs.

    For whom?


    The Pass Labs INT-25 is a machine for the purist. Actually, all Pass Labs products are. So are the XP-12, 22, 32. And so are the X and XA power amplifiers. That’s what makes the brand so cool. No frills, just top-notch equipment for those who really want to enjoy themselves. Yes: that comes with a price. But you also get a music machine for a lifetime. A heart for a top audio system. Now and ten years from now. Definately Alpha Approved.

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