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Review Pass Labs X150.8 – Entry-level Pass… or is it?


  • Very loose character
  • Layering
  • Little or no colouring


  • You're 100% sure to tweak
  • Gets hot
  • What do the big brothers do?
  • Prijs: € 8750

    Build quality

    Test setup

    TAD Evolution 2

    We listened to the Pass Labs X150.8 on various speakers. Now this Pass is more critical than the Bryston. And it does not combine that well on the Sopra’s, but luckily it works on most other speakers well. However, it is noticeable that we hear more quickly what goes wrong. The Focals sound good, but not as good as with the Bryston. The midrange is too prominent. The TAD Evolution 2 goes insanely well. That’s a match made in heaven. Furthermore, we used:

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