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Review PliXir BAC3000 power conditioner – clean laundry!


  • Does its job
  • Fast and open
  • Versatile


  • Heavy as hell! Still a lot of money
  • Prijs: € 4449

    Build quality
    PliXir BAC3000


    We got ourselves into a bit of a pickle with the multitest of power conditioners. There are – despite the obvious differences in the live multitest – still quite a few skeptics. Partly for this reason, we recently purchased a complete measurement setup. That way we can – if possible – actually show things. In this case, we put the PliXir BAC3000 on the spot to make some things clear.

    PliXir is a brand from Singapore. A country that we do not immediately connect with audio, but the fact is: James Soh is a real audio man. He collaborated on the Philips 963SA SACD player and later the DVP9000SA.

    James also has many power products to his name. PliXir doesn’t just make filters; there are also power supplies in the range. In Singapore James Soh also modifies digital equipment. Logical considering the history of James Soh. There is more to say about the founder of PliXir, but let’s look at the products it has in its range. Except, of course, the BAC3000.

    Power Supplies and Filters

    PliXir has both power conditioners (filters) and power supplies (PSUs) in its range. It is a company that really specializes in power supplies and the optimization of energy delivery. Their products are built around one philosophy: PureTone and Balanced Power.

    PureTone means that instruments are reproduced true to nature. To achieve that, the chain – including the power supply – has to be right. And within that chain, PliXir supplies balanced power supplies (DC) and power conditioners (filters).

    PliXir uses a balanced transformer. This isolates the direct mains from the audio installation. It also reduces influences from common mode. Also a known culprit in our audio systems. (We have not been able to measure that yet, by the way). Because of the balanced design, there is now 115 volts on both the + and the -. The operation is a bit like a balanced audio cable: the plus and minus are in phase and counter-phase to ground, making ground really 0 (reference point) and also removing interference.

    According to PliXir, the toroidal core – sourced from Noratel – is wound in such a way that it works quite narrowband. Obviously around 50 / 60 Hz. How they do that, we cannot say; it is a bit the secret. However, our experience is that toroidal transformers actually work quite broadband. Anyway; maybe Noratel knows some tricks to do this differently.

    The PliXir BAC3000

    The PliXir BAC3000 can deliver – the name says it all – 3000 watts of power. However it is specified for 2000 watts continuous. So a big Bryston is no problem at all for this beast, which was also proven by our test. On the back we see eight outputs that are suitable for high-current – think 240 watt class A, or about 600 watt class AB power amplifiers – and low-current sources: CD players, dacs, turntable motors …. and so on.

    We tested only with the Bryston power amplifier. And measured with several amplifiers and a d/a converter to determine the behavior of the filter. The BAC3000 weighs about 37Kg which is really only due to the big toroidal transformer. The cabinet is incredibly solid and is equipped with uncoupled feet. This is a device that you put down and leave standing…. Purely because it is practically impossible to move it after installation. A beast of a filter: both in weight, and in performance. :-).


    1. For sure, Balanced/Symmetrical AC Power Supply’s (“Conditioners”) come highly recommended.
      Sound quality improvements are considerable, particularly LF performance (definition/resolution), mid-band clarity and dynamics. And all components (amps/per, source, DAC’s, Streamer’s) benefit. However, it’s best to consider two Balanced units (one for analog, other for source/digital) for best sound..

      pete jasz

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