Review Pura Sauropoda mains filter – it’s all in the details


  • Filters tremendously effectively
  • Relatively compact
  • Many outputs


  • No high current
  • Price: € 3498

    Build quality


    Filters and power conditioning in general has pros and cons. And as an independend review platform, we have to act a bit like Switzerland. There are situations in which a filter can’t really improve on stuff. And thus really only gets in the way. However: with the advent of more and more switching power supplies, a good filter can offer a lot of extra peace of mind and insight in your music. We take a look at the Pura Sauropoda. A conditioner with seven outlets.

    Pura is a new Dutch brand that is rapidly launching interesting products. In the big switch test, you also saw the brand pass by with two models: the Ammonite V2 and the Elite. Beautiful, but also expensive, products. In addition to the Sauropoda and Ammonite, they also offer the Dodo linear power supply, the Nautilus power distributer and a power and lan cable. The product range is expanding rapidly.

    By the way, it might be interesting to know that behind Pura is a well-known man. Namely Miquel Blauw. And you may know him from Dion Audio. A brand that has been available in the Netherlands for some time. In short: the products of Pura do contain – literally – decades of knowledge. So it is not completely new.

    Low current…


    The Pura Sauropoda is a low-current filter. Or rather medium current. The maximum load is 700 watts. However, since an amplifier mostly draws peaks and it does that with loads of dynamics, it is not recommended to push the limits. Pura also does not market it as a high-current filter.

    There are seven outlets on the rear panel. All connectors are Furutech and have a rhodium finish. So does the inlet, by the way. Under the hood we find four – medical grade – toroidal transformers. Four because the structure is completely balanced. Add to that a subtle parallel filter and you will understand that this approach is quite effective.


    Now you may be thinking: ok… a balanced design, so it no longer matters how the power-cord is plugged in. That’s only partially true, we’ve found out. The connection of the Sauropoda to the mains is very important. Crucial, in fact. If it is reversed, it directly affects the image and sound balance. The connection of a device to the Sauropoda itself is much less important. This makes at most a subtle difference, we have noticed. But pay very close attention to the proper connection of the mains to the Pura Sauropoda itself.

    Type test
    Single Test
    Accessory type
    Energy filter / regenerator
    Conductor material
    Type of conductor
    Suitable for
    • Sources (Low current)
    Number of connections
    Maximum load
    • 700
    • 3.5
    • Width: cm
    • Depth: 37 cm
    • Height: 9 cm
    Production country
    PSU Fosi Amp - Yellow - direct - Purple - with Sauropoda
    PSU Fosi Amp - Yellow - direct - Purple - with Sauropoda
    Grid noise - HF - Class D amp - filter
    Grid noise - HF - Class D amp - filter
    Grid noise - HF - Class D amp - no filter
    Grid noise - HF - Class D amp - no filter
    Pura Sauropoda - white noise - Prism - low freq
    Pura Sauropoda - white noise - Prism - low freq
    Pura Sauropoda - real life test - with D amp
    Pura Sauropoda - real life test - with class D amp

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