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Review Q Acoustics 3030i monitor loudspeaker


  • Relaxed sound
  • Sufficient detailing
  • Plays well in any room
  • Price


  • Needs some space
  • Price: € 399

    Build quality
    Q acoustics 3030i


    The Q Acoustics 3030i is a very fine monitor and a very good performer in its price range. The sound is generous and full of energy and detail. You won't be sitting on the edge of your seat but you will be paying attention while listening. The music itself comes first and with a suitable amplifier you can even seriously boost the level. It's easy to set up, if you give it some space and it sounds good in almost any room. The Q Acoustics 3030i is not only a great addition to the range of Q Acoustics, it's a great addition for the price-conscious music lover full stop. Alpha Approved!

    For whom?


    The Q Acoustics 3030i can be a nice first speaker. One that doesn’t need a high-end system to perform but sounds great in a budget setup. It will also up the bar as you improve the level of your system. And that’s good, because once you’ve fallen for his charms you probably won’t get rid of it any time soon. In any case, we don’t intend to.

    However, it is important to take its size into account. Because of its greater depth you can’t just put it on any piece of furniture. This is a loudspeaker that needs some space and really needs to stand on its (own) speaker stand. Because of its relaxed sound, the 3030i will appeal to many enthusiasts. It can also be the speaker that replaces your analytical speaker that has been giving you a headache for years. It’s a speaker that will work great with the rest of your affordable system and your imperfect space. Or it can be an ideal speaker for your second system. Plenty of possibilities!

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