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Review Ricable Magnus cabling: High Class!


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  • We are now very curious about the Dedalus and Invictus series.
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    Audiophiles are a breed apart but you already knew that. We are always looking for better, larger and more expensive until finally, some of us anyway, we see the light and realize that it is really all about the music and not about some exotic speaker cable. Now this may seem like a strange way to start a review on cables but please stick with us. All will be revealed. Today we are testing a complete package of cables from Italy. More specifically the Magnus series from manufacturer Ricable. Let’s check it out!

    Just before Christmas we receive a big box and although there was still room under the Christmas tree, the box never ended up under it. How that happened is easy to explain. We couldn’t wait to get started.

    Italian company Ricable was previously unknown to us but has been on the scene since 2009 and actually entered the market fully as a cable brand around 2015. Ricable makes all its cables by hand at its factory in Oleggio. It even manufactures the full range there. So that means analog, digital, speaker and power cords.

    Ricable has a total of four series in their range. Their budget series is the Primus with above that the Magnus followed by the Dedalus series. Finally there is the Invictus series which represents the pinnacle of the brand. The Italians opt for evocative Latin names but whether this translates into performance remains to be seen.

    In any case, the Magnus cables have the same technology on board as the more expensive series, unlike the Primus series The large box contains four smaller colorful boxes. Each cable is nicely packed in a foam jacket which makes for an excellent first impression. The packaging is truly premium making unwrapping an experience. As with headphones, the experience is very important with such products.

    Each cable has a fabric sheath and exudes class. In the Magnus series that sheath is, fortunately, sober in terms of colors. Think of shades of gray and brown. Everything is put together with the greatest care and flawlessly manufactured via CNC machines.


    The key word with every cable here is 99.99999% pure copper. In addition, there are the patented MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) conductors that are supposed to perform up to 70% better than the standard copper versions. Starting with the Magnus series, all cables also receive the also patented R-Tec insulation system that should reduce interference to an absolute minimum.

    The combination of beautiful materials, patented technology and a complex production process means that you get a lot of value for your money. In addition, Ricable has a very generous warranty policy and their prices are not ridiculously high. A total package to say you are welcome. We were sent four different types of cables:

    • Ricable Magnus XLR 2 x 1 meter surcharge 239
    • Ricable Magnus SPEAKER MK2 2 x 3 meter 376 euro
    • Ricable Magnus POWER MKII 1,5 meter 321 euro
    • Ricable Magnus AES/EBU 1 meter 135 euro

    The power cord and speaker cable were recently upgraded hence the MKII. The power cord received additional aluminum mylar shielding and the speaker cable also received a second additional layer of protection


    1. Hmmm …. “Just remember that we use these cables in a system of around 20.000 euros and that before we had the ATC speakers (and now the Revels) we heard no clear differences in cables.”

      Seriously ? There is something terribly wrong in your set-up NOT to hear differences in cabling; specifically when well known, respected ‘silver’ cable is used (such as Wireworld ‘Gold’ 7/8 series, Audioquest ‘Wind’ IC’s, Kimber SELECT -all-silver series- and Stealth Audio cables to name a few (superb performers). Distinctions in sound, at this level, is profound.

      But even with less expensive, ‘copper’ cabling, distinctions in sound is (should be) readily apparent.


      1. Hello,

        It’s one thing to hear differences when switching cables but it wasn’t until i had my Atc’s that i could clearly point out what each cable was doing. Before i wasn’t confident enough to write a complete review on cables. I’m still learning a lot about hifi but reading the comments on our Dutch site i feel i nailed the Magnus cables. It’s only my second review on this very contested matter and i wanted to do it right.

        Best regards

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