Review Sonnet Audio Pasithea d/a converter – the beauty of silence


  • Sound-technically perfect
  • Measurement perfect
  • Reasonable price considering the performance


  • Bit of a dull box
  • Price: € 5900

    Build quality
    Sonnet Pasithea


    What a tremendous achievement for Sonnet Audio. Where the Morpheus is already a benchmark in the class up to at least 5000 euros, the Pasithea sets the bar even higher. At 5900 euros it is certainly an investment, but in return you get an unprecedented good sounding converter. Measurement wise we do not see any point of improvement and we wonder if we reach the limits of the Prism in certain areas. From a sound technical point of view, we have not yet heard any converter that plays so quietly and in such a controlled manner. Absolutely Alpha Audio Approved!

    Measurements and Conclusion


    The measurements of the Sonnet Pasithea are…. virtually flawless. We measure THD just below 0.003%, a noise floor that is at and below -160dB. Those are the limits of our Prism dScope we think. Crosstalk ticks the -140dB mark and the dynamic range is 128dB which comes down to almost 22bit if we calculate correctly. Impulse behavior is – not entirely surprising since it is an NOS dac – without any pre- and post-ringing. We can’t find anything that doesn’t add up. Hats off.



    1. Hello Guys,

      As always what a great review !

      I have a Denafrips Athena preamp & Terminator -II using HQP to PCM 1.536mhz and that is the way the Terminator-II seems to squeeze its best bits.

      I have this itch with the Pasithea, and wonder how good would it be to switch to it from where im standing now ( T-II ), any suggestions ?

      Have you tried Pasithea with HQP ?

      These are the DACs im considering:

      – Lampizator Baltic 3
      – Sonnet Pasithea

      fingers crossed
      Regards to You all

      Miguel ( Mexico )

      1. Sorry for the late answer. The Sonnet Pasithea is – for me – the best dac in terms of ‘silence’ / noise floor and detailing. It’s crazy. Combine it with the lossless volume control and you have a resolution master. The T-II is also very nice. It’s up with the best.

        The thing is: how is the rest of the chain. Other dacs make a difference. But is that your weak link?

        1. Thank you

          I feel at this time there is no REAL weak link in my system, this has been a long journey for me, more than 13 years of looking here and going there and learning the hard way, trying and selling an even sometimes going for things that one should look later once you have the more impactful gear on front, that said, my server has been the last piece of the sound base, no matter how good the system is, if the source is poor, pum.

          The T-II is very good but what has been shown with the Paul Hynes DR7T powering the server is a magnificent upgrade in sound ( an eye opener ) is what is making me think that if I now upgrade this DAC to Lampizator Baltic 3 or Pasithea, after what I have been reading from folks with the same T-II upgrading to B-3 makes you itch your head, hahaha

          You know how it is

          I wish you guys could have a chance to try the Lampizator Baltic 3

          Besr regards


        2. It’s hard to get Lampizator stuff here. I e-mailed them several times; I get no answer. I will try again. The brand seems interesting.

    2. I currently have an EMM Labs DCC2 /CDSD combo playing through Halcro DM 58s to Revel Salons. Am looking to modernize and move to hi res streaming ( although may keep a CD player ). Am currently looking at :

      Sonnet Pasithea
      Holo May kitsune
      Bricasti M3

      Does any9ne have an opinion on those? Or is familiar with the EMM Labs dac for comparison ?



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