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Review Sonnet Hermes streamer


  • Solidly made
  • Many digital links
  • SD-card easily accessible...
  • Other software possible


  • No on-board dac
  • Performance equivalent to Ambre
  • Price: € 1200

    Build quality

    The Test Setup


     width= We have played with the Sonnet Hermes for quite a long time. It also served in the Live multitest floorstanders(part 1 and part 2). Together with the Sonnet Audio Morpheus. An extraordinary musical duo, as you can hear in that test.

    This streamer has also been able to show its qualities in between tests and we used it in an experiment with ROON to link the server directly to the streamer. That experiment is still running; we are going to try it with a JCAT network card. The review itself was done in the reference system:

    For comparison, we deployed the Metrum Acoustics Ambre. Both streamers were connected with standard cabling to keep the comparison fair.

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