Review Sonnet Morpheus dac – pre-amp


  • Insane insight in the music
  • Lossless volume control
  • I2S and MQA modules


  • Display can be better
  • No USB and I2S possible at the same time
  • Price: € 3499

    Build quality
    Sonnet Morpheus

    The Test Setup


    The test setup is simple in this test:

    We’ve streamed from the NAS and Tidal. To make a good comparison, we also included the Metrum Acoustics Pavane and the Metrum Acoustics Adagio. In the end we compared most with the Adagio.

    We tested with and without MQA. In order to hear what MQA does, we have tried to compare high-res downloads with the MQA tracks from Tidal. However, it is never certain that the master is the same. Know that.



    1. Hi,
      I read your review of the Sonnet Morpheus and watched your video. One thing you didn’t mention in your review was the bass quantity and quality. How does the bass compare to the adagio and pavane?
      Thanks for the nice videos !!!

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