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Review Sonos Sonance in-ceiling speakers


  • Sounds 'big'
  • Easy on the ear
  • Easy to build in


  • Not very precise
  • Specific target audience
  • Prijs: € 699

    Build quality
    Sonos Sonance in-ceiling

    Some construction work (video)


    We have used our CI-test wall to build in the Sonos Sonance inceiling speaker. An in-wall would have been better, but since we don’t have one, we use the inceiling and place it as high as possible and directed it downwards.

    The result is certainly not bad and good enough for a decent impression. Of course there is a difference in construction (tweeter is separate from the woofer with the in-wall). But the used units and specifications are the same. We assess them as an inceiling.

    Video installation of the Sonos Sonance

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