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Review Steljes Audio NS3 Speaker


  • Sounds good
  • Beautifully made
  • Well priced


  • Missing a usb-dac
  • Subwoofer would be nice
  • Prijs: € 279

    Build quality
    Steljes Audio NS3



    Good sound at the computer… why? It’s very simple. The computer is often more than just a typing machine, browser or editing machine. It’s a very versatile device. And we spend more and more time behind it. Certainly students or for example entrepreneurs. Why should we listen to the beeps and whistles of the built-in speakers? Time for an upgrade… an affordable upgrade. We are listening to the NS3 Audio active speakers.

    Bunch Audio is a British, small, but fun hi-fi brand imported by Viertron. Steljes but all kinds of modern, crazy hi-fi devices. Think of streamers, active speakers, tube acs, etc. We are now looking at the NS3: an active set of speakers with a built-in dac and bluetooth receiver. Don’t confuse him with the very similar Argon Alto Active. This one looks very similar – probably made in the same factory – but has different connection possibilities, a different amplifier and a different structure.


    The NS3 we’re testing is just white. But know that they’re available in all sorts of colours. Red, yellow, blue, black, wood… you tell me. What fits nicely on your desk or in your home? This is smart from Steljes, because enthusiasts find it increasingly important that a speaker fits within the interior. And rightly so. Not everyone has a listening room. And since workplaces are becoming more and more stylistic – except for your editor, where it remains a tech-oriented gang – it’s nice that there’s a choice of equipment that doesn’t curse.

    Finishing and inputs

    If we look at the compact Steljes Audio NS3, we see that it is neatly finished. The 1-inch softdome and 4-inch fiberglass units are neat and tidy. Together they have a range of 60 Hz – 20 kHz. Not full range. We recommend that fans of electronic music really combine with a subwoofer or choose a larger model. Think of the NS6 floorstander… but it doesn’t fit on a desk. Ow… the amplifier is a class D, 2 x 45 watt model.

    On the back we see that there is an ‘active’ and ‘passive’ speaker. On the active version (in fact we are talking about a powered-speaker!) we see an optical input, a 3.5mm jack, cinch-in and a subwoofer output. As a bonus, we see another USB port to power another device. We also see a set of speaker terminals to provide the other side – on the left – with a music signal. The bluetooth antenna – the Steljes is AptX compatible – is built in. Pairing continues by pressing “pair” on the remote control.


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