Review Steljes Audio NS3 Speaker


  • Sounds good
  • Beautifully made
  • Well priced


  • Missing a usb-dac
  • Subwoofer would be nice
  • Prijs: € 279

    Build quality
    Steljes Audio NS3


    Set up an excellent set of active speakers with the NS3. In fact, it offers everything to give a computer - pc / laptop / console - a big musical boost. It does not look out of place with a TV either. However, if you are going to watch films, you will miss a subwoofer; the NS3 is not full-range. And that's not possible with this format either. A usb-dac would be very nice, since many PCs do not have an optical output. If we add a USB data - think of an Audioquest Dragonfly black - and a subwoofer (tje) count, we are still a considerable class higher ... If you're looking for that quality and capability, you might want to shop directly in a higher class (think of the NS6). Keep that in mind when purchasing.



    Steljes Audio NS3

    The NS3 Audio Active speakers How does the NS3 sound? Depending on the placement – we have listened both on a desk and on a tripod – it sounds surprisingly complete. Of course you won’t get a earth quake like bass, but it’s certainly not bald or (too) thin. However, we do recommend that this NS3 is not placed on a freestanding tripod. The Steljes needs some help from a table and a back wall to build up some curves.

    When we have installed the Steljes Audio NS3 on our workstation – we play via an Audioquest Dragonfly RED – it turns out to be a wonderful music partner. And in our case also an excellent editing partner. We hear enough detail to edit vocals in Adobe Audition. We don’t really dare eq’en – we keep on doing that with the Focal Elear – but maybe that’s a matter of getting used to. The fact is that the NS3 is transparent enough and doesn’t have a lot of colour in itself. The only thing we’re missing is some mid/low and body. And that’s important in sound processing. But we deviate… the NS3 is not a studio monitor. And we shouldn’t take that into account.


    We’ll watch some more Youtube, play some music on ROON… and tapping our pieces in the meantime. At the end of the day the Steljes turn out to be a loyal partner in the working day. This small desktop speaker has fiercely averted a critical audience that is mainly spoiled (and spoiled) by high-end equipment that costs a multiple of the 279 euros that you lose when you buy these bunch of Audio NS3.

    Our video of the Steljes Audio NS3

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