Review Supra MD06 – LoRad – UHD8K Hdmi – Points to the right


  • Affordable
  • Solid performance
  • Wide product range


  • Power cord is a bit stiff
  • Design... sensitive to taste
  • Prijs: € Wisselt.

    Build quality

    A little bit of technology


    First up is the Surpa MD06-EU/SP. This is a power strip with about six inputs; more than enough for your author’s system. It includes a three-way surge protector.

    Know that the power strip must then be connected via a grounded outlet. Supra recommends – of course – that the power strip be used in conjunction with a Lorad power cable. There is also a 10 amp fuse that is easily accessible in case it needs to be replaced.

    The housing itself is made of aluminum. This not only looks nice and pretty (and provides extra strength), it also ensures that emi / rfi is deflected to ground. The most interesting detail is what Supra calls “NIF transient filter”. It is a (light) non-invasive filtering where properties such as dynamics are not lost, ideal for power amplifiers! The NIF transient filter was developed by Ben Duncan Research in England.

    The SUPRA LORAD 2.5 SPC CS-EU power cable is factory soldered and assembled. The Schuko plugs show what the neutral and live wires are. So with a little checking, you can always be sure that you are connecting your equipment the right way.

    These are sturdy cables that are rigid rather than flexible. Both the plugs and cable are thicker and larger than your author had initially expected. Keep in mind that if you work with tight spaces or have to make tight turns in furniture, this can be a problem. However, there are versions with an angled plug to help you with this.

    What is a plus for us is that you can get factory assembled cables as well as the loose plugs and the loose cable so the handy DIYer can assemble the cables themselves. Also, there are videos online that explain step by step how to do your own assembly correctly. The plugs are in the case of this cable variant gold-plated with 24 carats of gold. This prevents oxidation. The internal cables are made of copper and are also coated with a silver layer (SPC, Silver Plated Copper). Finally, the cables have the so-called LoRad technique. This means “low radiation”, or a shielding to both electrical and magnetic radiation to counter.

    Now we should certainly not forget the SUPRA 2.1 UHD8K HDMI cable. Not surprisingly, this HDMI cable is already completely assembled. Making your own HDMI cable is quite a job. It is therefore not possible to buy a DIY kit. The choice for this HDMI cable was simple. The amount of budget HDMI cables that your author has been able to throw away over the years is unprecedented. All in all, we would have been better off buying one good one. A waste of money, the environment and frustration.

    In addition, your author has had a 4k TV that supports HDMI 2.1 for about 4 months now. We didn’t have an official cable lying around that can handle this newer standard. In short: this is the time. The Supra HDMI Cables support 8k resolution, hdmi version 2.1 where there is automatic synchronization between picture and sound and lip sync issues are a problem of the past.

    Furthermore, these connectors are pretty small where you can unscrew the connector caps, so they fit more easily through a cable duct. Ideal for someone who wants to hide everything nicely or wants to connect over long distances.

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