Review Technics SB-G90 floorstanding speaker


  • Very good stereo image
  • Mid and high is lovely
  • Powerful bass
  • Beautifully made


  • Bass can be abundant
  • Treble rolls off quickly at a distance
  • Prijs: € 3999 per pair


    The Sound


    Those who like a very stable and realistic stereo image will like this Technics SB-G90 very much. Already with the first notes we hear that the placement is really very good. Both in depth and in width, and in terms of sharpness. Each component is neatly given its proper place. This is undoubtedly due to the coax unit doing its job very precisely and in phase. (funny detail is that the measurements also show this, because the speed and distortion in the mid / high area is very low).


    The sound palette is also very even and complete across the board. The Technics SB-G90 (what a name … something more creative could have worked a bit better) picks up low and runs nicely. The whole feels nicely balanced with no noticeable outliers in the presentation. Although for a good response in the high range the necessary toe-in is advisable. Off axis at a distance the treble rolls off very quickly. And that is audible (we think). It becomes a bit flat. Now that can also be an advantage in bare rooms with lots of reflections.


    Because the Technics SB-G90 plays reasonably easy, pairing with amplifiers will not be very difficult. The speaker grows along nicely, we noticed. It also matches well on both the Bryston and the B+K. We hear on the ‘hifi-system’ just more space and refinement. And a little more energy, because that side of the room is better treated. So those kinds of things just play into it.

    But the funny thing is that it doesn’t bother the Technics that much. It continues to play pleasantly. We estimate that this speaker is less sensitive to acoustics than many other models. However, you should really pay attention to the bass energy. That can be a problem if your room accentuates the bass area.

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