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Review Technics SU-R1000 integrated amplifier


  • Very precise
  • Control
  • Technical miracle
  • Beautifully built


  • Misses some involvement at times
  • A bit too nerdy?
  • Price: € 7499

    Build quality
    Technics SU-R1000


    With all that extreme technology on board, it must sound very clinical, right? Well… no. Actually, no. The Technics SU-R1000 plays incredibly precise and controlled. And for some, that will take some getting used to. We have of course played with and without LAPC. And we can wholeheartedly say that with LAPC the amp plays better. The bass is tighter and overall the sound is just better balanced. These are applications that actually do something useful. And that is unfortunately not always the case.


    However, what is striking is that the Ambre directly into the Technics or via the Mutec is a difference. With the Mutec MC3+ reclocker the whole sounds just that little bit better. Smoother… rounder. Which is remarkable, considering all the reclocking and distortion suppression Technics has build in.

    What is an even bigger step is playing through the Pavane. That NOS dac brings just a bit more space and ‘balls’ at the bottom end. In a direct comparison, the Technics SU-R1000 digital in is a bit more nimble and a bit thinner than the Pavane. We prefer the Pavane in our setting.

    Speaking of nimble: the sound balance of the Technics is a bit nimble anyway. And the emphasis is clearly on detail and precision. That’s not surprising, given the focus on the product page: technology. Many brands that do that tend toward detail and precision. At the other end of that spectrum, for example, is a Pass Labs with the INT25 or a Trafomatic with tubes…. Different philosophy, different approach… but they all go for music. And all offer a different experience and view of what is perfect for them.

    Yet the sound of these Technics is not sterile or surgical. At least not on our Focals which can still play pretty fresh in the wrong marriage. We just hear a lot. And with great ease. In some recordings that’s perfect. But some recordings that are not nicely mixed are still very raw. But hey: crap in, crap out. Especially with this Technics SU-R1000.

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