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Review Teufel Airy True Wireless in-ears


  • Sounds remarkably good
  • Good delivery
  • Solid playing time


  • Touch part sometimes clumsy
  • More sizes of caps would have been nice
  • Prijs: € 149

    Build quality
    Teufel Airy True Wireless


    Teufel has a great pair of in-ears with the AIRY True Wireless. They are light, play well and last a long time. Charging is fast and pairing is also possible with multiple devices. The only small thing is that we like to have a little more caps, so we can also found a nice set of silicone caps. Between large and medium. Also, sometimes the touch sensitivity is clumsy. So if that would be too 'customizable'... But anyway: those are wishes. Fact is: good pari of wireless in-ears for a great price!

    The sound


    The Teufel AIRY True Wireless feel very light in the ear. That makes them quite comfortable. After a while, you don’t really notice that you have something in your ear. Except that your ears are closed off. You have to like that. Noise cancelling too, by the way. Your editor’s more into passive noise cancelling. Active usually feels unnatural. And very often makes the music reproduction much worse.


    But back to the AIRY True Wireless. The sound is remarkably powerful and rich in detail. The bass is solid and round. A little popularly tuned, but not overpowering. It’s nice and makes it possible to listen to less good recordings as well. No superfluous luxury with lots of pop music. After all, it is pratically all mixed to the clipping-point and as flat as a dime. Too bad, because there is some really nice music out there. These Teufels can sometimes still make something of it and that’s nice.

    The middle and high are fortunately not overpowered by the bass. We really hear enough detail and air to follow the music well. Our Tidal Test list plays so easily and smoothly via the wireless AptX HD link. From Steven Wilson to Gorillaz. And from Aafke Romeijn to Muse. All with a friendly touch of warmth. And everything without cords that could get caught up in anything.

    What strikes us is that we are not bothered by the possible compression that bluetooth entails. Where previously s-sounds were louder and the ‘flesh’ of the music disappeared, music now feels complete. Considerable steps have been taken in this respect. And it is really paying off, we notice. Cool!

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