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Review Teufel Definion 3F – Coaxial correctness


  • Greatest imaging
  • Remarkable detail
  • Complete sound picture


  • Mid can be up-front
  • Large
  • Careful with bass
  • Prijs: € 1799 per paar

    Teufel Definion 3F


    Teufel we know mainly from the entry level products. Think of the very competitively priced Ultima 40. However – as we have already shown with the Raumfeld series – they also have interesting mid-range products. Consider the Teufel Definion 3F. A substantial floorstander with striking qualities.

    In front of us are two white and black pillars. A no-nonsense design in a kind of triangle shape. Five units: one coaxial unit with tweeter and midrange and three woofers. A three-way system. With a bass reflex principle to complete the picture (incorporated in the base at the bottom).

    The housing – 25 Kg each! – is made of MDF and measures almost 120cm high. That’s pretty hefty. The cabinet is also quite deep: almost 40cm. The width is 20cm. The whole looks quite slim. And despite the height we can imagine that it can be placed in many a living room. The only thing we are less charmed by is the ‘feet’. That is really just a piece of steel that you screw underneath. Come on Teufel, you can do better than that.

    Top line

    The Definion 3F is the top speaker from the Germans. The units can also be found in the Raumfeld streaming series. Or now also the Teufel active streaming speakers. They certainly don’t sound bad there either. But here Teufel has done a bit more work on the cabinet and the filters. And that has resulted in a speaker pair with a price tag of 1800 euros without amplifier. Too much? Not so bad if we look at the speaker market.

    KEF has the Q950 for 1550 euros per pair. A DALI opticon 6 costs 2000 euros per pair. A B&W 603 costs 1600 per pair approximately. Monitor Silver 300 sells for 1900 per pair. So yes: the ‘big brands’ have something, but you are practically shopping at the bottom of the list. And we all know that’s not where it really happens when it comes to cabinet finish; a crucial part of a floorstanding speaker. After all: a cabinet that resonates, adds coloration. And we don’t want that. Teufel has, in our opinion, handled this very well by opting for a heavy-duty cabinet.

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