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Review Teufel Motiv Go bluetooth speaker


  • Solidly built
  • Sounds good
  • Good battery life


  • For us no...
  • Perhaps AAC support?
  • Price: € 249

    Build quality


    With the Motiv Go, Teufel really has an excellent Bluetooth speaker in its hands. It feels solid, plays well and lasts a long time on a battery. Bluetooth 5 and AptX are on the spec list. No AAC unfortunately. But anyway: with a price tag of 249 euros... We think it's a good deal!

    Long lasting



    The Teufel Motiv Go of course has a built-in battery. The status is transmitted to the phone if it supports it. Our Pixel 3a does that like it should, as you can see in the screenshots. A full battery should last about 16 hours. How that is measured is of course the question: how loud do you play? Do you use multiple phones? Is Dynamore on? Etc… Assume that 12 hours should be possible. And that is very decent!

    Speaking of Dynamore: damn… that works! Of course we first let the speaker just play a little bit in our workspace. Also a compact bluetooth speaker has a break in period. Only after a few days we started listening. First just without this box of tricks. Then with the magic button. That difference is not subtle. Dynamore just plays a lot better. The image is a lot larger… it’s a far more pleasant stereo image. No forced processing like before, but more left / right separation. That just makes it more pleasant to listen to. And once we get used to Dynamore, there is simply no way back. Everything feels much more locked up and boxy. With every genre: rock, house, pop, et cetera.


    These kinds of bluetooth speakers are mainly for fun. Not to be listened to in an audiophile way. So we are not looking for sophistication, neutrality and detail. We have purely determined: does it do what it’s supposed to do and does it sound good? And then the answer is definitely: yes. The Teufel Motiv Go just sounds good. There is a nice round bass, the mids are not suppressed and the highs are open enough.

    Of course we played our standard test tracks. And yes: even with Royals from Lorde we hear a fairly well-founded bass! Unbelievable that this is now possible with such a compact speaker … on bluetooth. Bizarre times.

    Part of the good sound is the fact that the Motiv Go offers stereo playback. There are two full-range units and two passive radiators. In short: real stereo. And that can be heard. Effects go nicely from left to right – for example with Teardrop from Massive Attack – and there is just natural space in the sound. Provided Dynamore is on. Without it it is a boxy speaker. But anyway: one push of the button just solves that!

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