Review Teufel Real Blue NC and Supreme ON headphones


  • Real Blue NC: Sounds good
  • Real Blue NC: Sits well
  • Real Blue NC: Good noise cancelling
  • Supreme ON: auto-pause


  • Supreme ON: no wow factor
  • Both: no usb-audio
  • Price: € 100 - 199

    Build quality


    If you want to enjoy music on the go, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on luxurious portable players and expensive headphones. You can do it with a decent smartphone and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. We tested two models from the German company Teufel: the Real Blue NC and the Supreme ON. Let’s get it… uh… ON. We received two new headphones from Teufel for review: the Teufel Real Blue NC and the Teufel Supreme ON. The Real Blue NC is – quite surprisingly – an over-ear, Bluetooth headphone with noise cancellation. These more luxurious headphones go over the digital counter for 199 euros. Teufel, in fact, only sells online.

    The Teufel Supreme ON is an on-ear model with bluetooth, but without noise cancellation. It is therefore somewhat more compact and slightly less complete in terms of feature set. However, not everyone will miss noise cancellation. We don’t miss it. The price of these more compact and slightly edged headphones: 99 euros.

    The design of both is modern and in a way similar. At least: if you look past the obvious stuff for a moment. For example, we see the same buttons to control the music. This ‘pimple’ is on the right ear. You can use it to skip, control volume and pick up / hang up when you get a call. On the left is the on/off button. This also puts the headphones in pairing mode if you press it twice quickly. The LED will then blink rapidly. All fairly intuitive (we did not need a manual, although we initially thought that long pressed would turn on this pairing mode). By the way, the Supreme ON can also pair via NFC. Now, that’s easy!

    With the Real Blue NC, there is also an ANC button on it that turns ANC on and off. Charging is via USB-C. The cable is included. Unfortunately, we do not see the Teufels as a sound card on the PC. It only opens a folder with start.htm that shows no content. Kind of crazy. It doesn’t work on our Android phone either.

    Bluetooth codecs

    Later we will talk about audio quality. However, we want to mention here in advance that both the Real Blue NC and the Supreme ON support both AptX and AAC. Very nice, because these two codecs ensure that the audio signal is transferred much better from A to B. Standard SBC always sounds a bit grainy and annoying. AptX and AAC are much better codecs that not only compress in a better way, they also accept higher bitrates than SBC. And yes… higher is better in this case.

    Bags and cables

    Both headphones come with some accessories. The Real Blue NC comes with a hard casing in which you can put the headphones – after some folding. It also fits the usb cable and audio cable. Very handy for people who are on the road a lot. The Supreme ON also comes with a set of cables, but this comes with a bag in which the headphones fit. No hard casing. Now that in itself is fine considering the price of these headphones. All in all we find the delivery complete enough considering the price range; more is not needed to use the headphones.


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