Review – Update Final D8000 Pro Edition


  • Sounds awfully good
  • Easy to control
  • Beautifully made


  • Heavy
  • Very long cable
  • Price
  • Price: € 4000

    Build quality
    Final D8000 pro



    During the test of the Burson Conductor V3 we got the Final D8000 Pro Edition. We already heard and reviewed the D8000 at the multitest (February 2019). The final D8000 impressed with its refined reproduction. Rich in detail, holographic, neutral and also dynamic. In the multitest we could hardly choose between this reference model of final and the Meze Empyrean. Now time for the Pro version.

    Final released the D8000 Pro Edition in 2019. According to Final, this version was marketed at the request of sound engineers in the studio who were in need of headphones that could be used at higher volumes and higher sound pressure levels. The D8000 Pro Edition is tuned differently from the D8000. While the latter excels in soundstage/spatiality, the Final D8000 Pro Edition would score higher in brightness and dynamic range. The ear cushions have also been improved.

    Black Metal

    The Final D8000 Pro Edition is available in metal, but black is also an option. The hefty 3 meter cable is silver coated in a twisted pair winding. There is also a short cable of 1.5, in black. That gives these headphones a somewhat futuristic and impressive appearance. The fit is excellent; the auricles can be adjusted to the shape of the head in many ways. We do find the weight of 523 grams, without counting the heavy cable, high. This is a personal matter, because there are people who don’t think this is a problem at all.


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