Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

Prijs: € 300

Supra EFF-IX

We started with a dropveter. Now that certainly doesn’t sound bad, but it is a bit raw and flat if you know the level our reference system can play at. We hear mostly raw ‘s-sounds’ and ‘f-sounds’. All a bit dirty. In addition, we miss real microdetail. In short: not such a great success.

Supra Cable EFF-IX

Founded in 1976 by Thomas Jenving, Supra is from Sweden and is a no-nonsense company par excellence. Its products have a distinctive blue color. Well… that’s sensitive to taste. But so are Noctua’s fans (creamy brown, who comes up with it). However, everyone knows it’s a Supra cable. And that’s worth something, right?

When we hook up the Supra after the reference dropveter, the dirty s and f sounds are immediately gone and we hear a lot more space and refinement. This is a step that anyone with a decent pair of ears and a system with some resolution can hear. No argument…

If we take notes we see terms like: rhythmic, open, fast and also ‘fresh’. At first we did not expect this from a Supra cable. Although that does fit with a ‘Nordic country’. But… it is fresh without sharpness. Unless, of course, the edge is in the recording.

All in all, a pleasant cable that makes a clearly audible step in resolution, refinement and imaging!

Brand Supra
Tested length 1 meter
Price (1 meter) 140 Euro

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