Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

Prijs: € 300

Van den Hul The Valley

Van den Hul The Valley

Van den Hul – founded by Aalt Jouk Van den Hul – is an established name in our industry. A.J van den Hul has been active in the industry since 1975. The Dutch company has been producing cables for decades. And supplies cables – for internal cabling – to Bowers & Wilkins, among others. That company applies them in 700- and 800-series. We saw them in the 800-D3 series when we visited the factory in England. Nice to see some Dutchness in a British high-end product.

That each cable has a signature, we did notice this livestream. The Van den Hul The Valley is definitely a cable that paints a big picture and emphasizes tranquility. This without feeling very colored. Frankly, we expected less openness. Your editor once heard a VdH D102 and wasn’t impressed by it. It all felt confined.

This Valley certainly doesn’t have that! The entire presentation is nice and layed back and music flows generously into the room. Relative to the Supra, it is more relaxed and larger. In terms of resolution, it doesn’t seem like a big difference: there’s not really an emphasis on that. This is a cable that brings balance and calmness above all.

Brand Van den Hul
Type The Valley
Tested length 1,5 meter
Price (1 meter) 298 Euro

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