Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

Prijs: € 300

Art Speak WE

Art Speak WE

The Dutch company Art Speak (No website, but click here for an email to Art Speak) was founded by Louis Raatjes. A musician, recording engineer and designer of speakers and cables among other things. He also modifies numerous products.

That Louis Raatjes is a musician – drummer – can be heard in his products (your editor’s opinion). We have had several cables from Art Speak in our systems (and also had amplifiers modified by Louis) and all of them have a kind of casual presentation. Noteworthy. This Art Speak WE (note direction… you’re playing towards the dots on the connector) also has a remarkable signature. In particular, the guitar and marimba to Don Mclean’s song Vincent stands out. Very much so. It’s given more texture and is without a doubt better to follow than any of the other candidates. The chat explodes almost at the first notes…. in short: everyone hears this.

And we estimate that musicians in particular appreciate this presentation. Now it is so that in open and fast systems the energy in the midrange can become too much (we estimate). Because this interlink does like dynamics and some serious tempo! If a system is already very dynamic, the balance will be lost. With us it was towards the edge because the combination of the Focal with the Sonnet Pasithea already tend to be somewhat analytical.

Art Speak Art Speak
Type WE (Western Electric)
Tested Length 1 meter
Price (1 meter) 249,50 Euro

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