Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

Prijs: € 300

Ricable Dedalus Signal

Ricable Dedalus Signal

Ricable is relatively new to the market. The Italian brand has been active since 2009 and has been available in the Netherlands for a year.

The Italians obviously make a party of it again. The cable is very nicely finished. However, with 333 Euros it is also the most expensive in this line-up. Although the price difference with the Van den Hul is not shockingly large. Colleague Geoffrey tried the Magnus line and was very impressed. Balance, air… everything was right about those cables. We have a similar feeling.

It has authority, calmness, a pleasant stereo image, and overall a fine balance that is not overly analytical, but allows enough to be heard. It reminds your author of Grimm. Just as Driade does too. However, Driade shows more air and speed than Grimm and Ricable does it the other way. The stereo image is slightly less wide and large than Grimm. And also than the Van den Hul. It’s subtle, but noticeable.

What we like is the balance in this cable. And the peace it brings to our system. A strength of a cable is mostly in its absence and lack of signature. It sounds crazy, but realize that the best cable is no cable at all. Every cable does something… the best cable does almost nothing. And Ricable finds a pleasing balance in calmness and resolution.

Brand Ricable
Type Dedalus
Tested length 1 meter
Price (1 meter) 333 Euro

Find Ricable at (Affiliate link)

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