Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

Prijs: € 300

Chord Company Shawline

Chord Company Shawline rca

Chord started manufacturing cables for NAIM. Din to rca to be exact. Sally Gibb made the statement (pun intended) during a dinner with NAIM that she could make a super cable. Well… that turned out to be the start of a pretty successful business.

The Shawline is an affordable model in the line-up of Chord Company. At 235 Euros, it sits at the lower end of our test and right in the path of the Art Speak WE. And weird but true… we hear similarities between the two.

Both the Art Speak WE and the Chord Company Shawline emphasize dynamics, timbre and speed. In particular, the song Vincent sounds downright amazing on the Chord Shawline. The voice is so pure and “real” that we are immediately in the music.

With the other songs we had the feeling that the cable was not yet fully up to the mark. There was still a bit of sharpness here and there. So we are somewhat cautious in statements.

Brand Chord Company
Type Shawline
Tested length 1 meter
Price (1 meter) 235 Euros

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