Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

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What an interesting test this was! Five interlinks, five different presentations. We did not expect the differences to be so obvious. But they were. Even if you listen blindly. Which cable is the best, depends on what you are looking for, what fits in your system and what your budget is. In short: we cannot answer this for you. Fortunately, you can just listen to our stream to determine what suits you.

Rounding Out

Every cable has pluses and minuses. What matters is that they fit into a system. Is there an ideal cable that will work in every system? Perhaps… We haven’t really found it yet, but we can imagine that there are all-rounders out there. This makes them very versatile, but not always the best choice.

We have listed some of the salient features per interlink in a table below. Perhaps handy for you!

Brand / Type Price / meter Sound balance Timing / Rhythm Imaging Overall
Standard drop liner 2,- Euro Matt, dry, sharp. Flat Flat Not a nice balance. Comes across sharp and flat
Supra EFF-IX 140 Euro Open, airy Rhythmic and energetic. Spacious, but not overdone. Fine cable for those looking for extra openness and detail.
Van den Hul The Valley 298,- Euro Relaxed and balanced. Calm. But certainly not boring! Large. Both in width and depth. Relaxed presentation with a lot of space in the imaging.
Art Speak WE 249,- Euro Energetic and very fast and detail rich midrange. Very dynamic and fast. Well balanced with good separation. Energetic and resolution rich cable with focus on midrange.
Ricable Dedalus 333,- Euro Relaxed and pleasant balance. Fine balance between dynamics and calmness. Less big than Van den Hul, bigger than Supra. A cable with a fine balance between resolution, calmness and dynamics.
Chord Company Shawline 235,- Euro Energetic, open and fast. Dynamic, but not overdone. Nice dispersion and looseness. Average in this setup. A nice cable for those who like vocal insight.


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