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Review Xavian Corallo Esclusivo speaker – Power to Prague



  • Material
  • Finishing
  • Placement
  • Reproduction
  • Price


  • Pricey stands
  • Solid amp required

Price: € 2095

Build quality
Xavian Corallo Esclusivo



Xavian Audio is no stranger to Alpha Audio. We’ve reviewed several of their speakers in the past. This Czech company, with Italian owner, therefore makes exceptional loudspeakers that try to distinguish themselves from the pack in various ways. Big boss is the flamboyant Italian Roberto Barletta who followed his heart to the rural Czech Republic. However, you can tell by everything that the man comes from the land of fashion and fast cars, not least by the look of their speakers. Typical of the brand is the frequent use of real wood (oak) that was chosen for more than just its looks. Today we test the Xavian Corallo Esclusivo; a compact, closed two-way monitor full of special components. Let’s check it out!

As mentioned, the wooden finish immediately catches the eye. The Corallo Esclusivo belongs to the Natura series and is available in six different finishes. Matte black, matte white, light oak, dark oak, marina and cognac. So there is something for everyone. We received the cognac version and it looks beautiful.

Each speaker is slightly rounded which gives it a slightly softer look (and improves the response). The accompanying stands are not cheap but as far as we are concerned they are a must. Not only do they make for a beautiful whole, but you can also use them to adjust the feet so that they are always nice and firm.

There are a total of five series (Dolce Musica, Natura, Armonia, Classic, Epica) in the range. In the Natura series we see next to the Xavian Corallo Esclusivo three bookshelfs and two floorstanders. The Corallo Esclusivo is the only closed bookshelf in the range and was specifically developed for smaller spaces and to ensure flexible placement. Quite a bit of time goes into making each speaker, but Xavian Audio employs an efficient manufacturing process and offers a five-year warranty on all their speakers.


So the Xavian Corallo Esclusivo is a closed, two-way monitor speaker with a 175 mm polypropylene AudioBarletta mid-driver and a 29 mm soft-dome tweeter. This mid-driver is incorporated throughout all series in one form or another and is developed in Italy. Its main asset is its particularly high rigidity. All research and development is done in Italy but assembly takes place in the Czech Republic. Each speaker is made by hand and Barletta still oversees the whole process although he has left the day-to-day operation to his right-hand man David Hyka.

The crossover is applied according to their ‘Phase Zero’ topology and sits at 2500Hz. This technology should help to make the phase behavior between driver and tweeter as coherent as possible Furthermore, the air coils come from Jantzen and the capacitors from Mundorf. Familiar names that have already proven their worth and that contribute to a particularly well put together speaker. The Carollo Esclusivo is an 8 Ohm speaker with a sensitivity of 87db. Because it is a closed speaker you need to drive it with a powerful enough amplifier to do it some justice.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Monitor - bookshelf
Speaker type
Speaker system
Signal control
Frequency range
59 Hz - 20000 Hz
87 dB
8 Ohm
  • Width: 23 cm
  • Depth: 24 cm
  • Height: 36 cm
Weight speaker
10 Kg