Review Yamaha A-S2200 integrated amplifier


  • Refined
  • Musical
  • Light-footed sound


  • For house music: power at the bottom-end
    • Price: € 3199

      Build quality
      Yamaha A-S2200


      The purpose of a hi-fi system is – quite simply explained – to amplify the source and convert it from electric currents to vibrations in air. And that without adjusting the recording and characteristic of the sound. Colour, imaging, timing… everything must remain intact. If there’s one manufacturer on this planet that should be able to do that, it’s Yamaha. After all, they not only make motorcycles and motors for powerboats, but also (grand) pianos, studio equipment and hi-fi. We are testing the brand new Yamaha A-S2200 integrated amplifier.

      Hifi is (very) difficult. A fellow author reported that today via Whatsapp. That’s a truism. Audio is very tricky. Making a good recording, as well as playing it back is no easy task. It involves everything: acoustics, electrical engineering, IT, psycho-acoustics … In which sectors do we need so many disciplines?

      Our philosophy is that companies that master multiple disciplines and know multiple sides of the industry – studio and living room, for example – can end up making better equipment. After all: what is the best benchmark? Exactly: the recording you know. The recording you’ve been working on yourself. The recording of which you know how it should sound. Without this benchmark, it is incredibly difficult to tune a device. You are in fact blind (or in this case: deaf).

      Yamaha does it all

      Japanese Yamaha makes almost everything: from motorcycles to motors for speedboats, instruments (countless), studio equipment (they also own Steinberg) and of course home hi-fi. The music-roots can be seen in the logo, which consists of three (put together) tuning forks.

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