Ricable Invictus cabling – Out of the way!


  • Transparent throughput
  • Excellent imaging
  • Patented technology
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Warranty


  • Stiff and thick
  • Colours may not be for everyone
  • Price: € Wisselt

    Build quality
    Ricable Invictus


    When you invest in high-end equipment, it has to be accompanied by beautiful cables. You do not install cheap stuff on a high-end racing bike. In our opinion, cables are an essential part of any system and we audiophiles just want to get the most out of our gear, no matter what. We are snobs who only want the best and the most expensive. But as with any passion, the money you spend is a personal matter. The Ricable Invictus cables are Italian handmade gems full of patented technology. And although they are certainly not cheap, we find the prices not exuberant in comparison with many other high-end brands. Not everyone will be a fan of the colourful jackets, but Italians are simply not afraid to use colour. Did someone say Ferrari? 

    For Whom

    These Invictus cables are beautifully made and they should be, considering their price range. In addition to their looks, they have also been given more technology and copper to make any hifi system perform to its maximum potential.

    Ricable is a manufacturer that does focused research and tries to make their products better and better. These Invictus cables are the epitome of that for now. We see the Magnus cables more as friendly cables that are going to have a positive effect in many systems and blend easily. The Invictus cables are a little more specific and pronounced but we don’t think they are ultra-critical.

    Although cables have common characteristics, they still react differently in each set. Because of the importer’s customer-friendly approach, it is no problem to try cables in your set.

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