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Simgot King Wonder – EN1000 – in-ear – ever wondered?



  • Fits well
  • Looks nice
  • Cable detachable


  • Markings unclear
  • Cable tangles quickly
  • No EU webshops

Price: € 189

Build quality


We don’t often test stuff that is only available for sale online. The reason is that we think people should try a product before buying it. However, we were really curious to see what this product brings to the table. We got our hands on a pair of in-ears from China: the Simgot King Wonder. And “we wonder…”: is it really that good?

The Simgot King Wonder brings a lot of “bling. Gold, silver… nice cables… we must say: for $ 189 (so about that amount in Euro) you do have a very nice package to open. They are very much trying to impress the consumer with a clean and neat appearance. In the box we find the caps neatly in a holder and a box with the silver-plated copper cable (replaceable, which is nice) and the tips in three sizes: small, medium and large. Neat. The nice thing is that you can immediately store everything neatly: the in-ears also fit in the box.

However, there are some things to mention… first, the used materials are not very special. But they don’t directly need to be. What is less pleasant is that left and right is very unclearly marked (no color and kind of white on white) on the cable ánd the connection of the in-ears on the cable is not coaxial, but with two pins. That makes it very fragile. In short: just be careful when pressing it on.

The website of Simgot mentions that the plug is replaceable and that you can tune it. The frequency curve can be adjusted with the plug. A nice feature, but we wonder what losses occur with a circuit in the plug. And isn’t a ‘regular’ EQ a better method of tweaking?


Most phones no longer have jack outputs – including your author’s – requiring a usb-c to jack adapter with a dac. We received one in the box. An ESS model. It works fine: plug and play on the phone (Android) as well as on the laptop and PC (Windows). In short: let it play for a few days and then just listen.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Speaker type
Speaker system
Signal control
Frequency range
20 Hz - 40 kHz
1-way (broadband)
108 dB
32 Ohm
Production country

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