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Video – four XLR interlinks compared – with music samples

After our live stream “expansion project” in which we had to pull two 35 meter xlr cables, we got the idea to use CAT6-cable for those XLR microphone cables. Now we want to try these CAT6 XLR’s in our reference system. We soldered two one meter cables together and immediately grabbed the camera to capture the whole thing on video for you. Draw your own conclusions!

We’ve compared the CAT6 XLRs with:

  • Grimm TPM (succeeded by SQM) (around 500 euro) – stranded twisted pair copper
  • Audioquest Earth (Around 1100 euro) – solid core PSC (copper, not silver plated copper like mentioned in the video)
  • Tubulus Argentus (Around 400 euros) – Solid core silver

We used two tracks: Lorde – Royals (nice spacious and solid bass) and Anette Askvik Liberty (detailed / refined). We have deliberately recorded the whole system to include spacial information. Because, perhaps the cables influence the rest of the chain.

Each time we only swap the interlink between Pass Labs XP12 and the Metrum Pavane dac. Between the Pass Labs XP12 and the Bryston, the Grimm TPM keeps doing its job.

The order of recordings is: Grimm TPM – Tubulus Argentus – Audioquest Earth – CAT6 XLR

Video – XLR cables compared

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