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Video – Multitest – the best amplifier for 2500 euros

Prijs: € 2500


It was time for another big group test. Live on Youtube, with you! On saturday 22-08-2002 we tested seven beautiful amplifiers in the price class of 2500 euro next to each other. Three are a bit different: the NAD is the cheapest with 1800 euro, the Advance Paris is a pre- and power-amp combination. And the Prima Luna is a tube amp. How do these seven amplifiers compare? We have checked it out. Live… on Youtube. 

The 2500 euro range for an integrated amplifier is popular. And that is not odd when you consider the fact that you get a very well performing amp. And in many cases you also get a decent d / a converter or even a streamer build in. So: everything you need in one ‘box’. In some cases the amps are upgradable with modules. In short: it’s in some cases a ‘just add speakers’ product.

To get this test going, we asked all relevant producers to send in an amp. Not everyone had a model available. So, in the end we received seven models. And we are of the opinion that they are seven beautiful machines. Each with their own power and in some cases, their own peculiarities.

The test setup


The test setup in this case is quite simple. We’ve attached two decent power strips to the Isotek Titan. These provide a clean and fast power supply to the amplifiers. Our Bryston runs fine on them. We connected all amplifiers in phase with the help of the Kemp Ultimate Polarity Checker. A handy device. We use standard mains cables. Next we connect the Focal Sopra No1 with a Driade Flow speaker cable.

As source we use the Metrum Acoustics Ambre streamer and Metrum Acoustics Pavane dac. These are single ended connected to the amplifiers. We use a Tubulus Argentus interlink.

Test tracks

We test with three tracks:

  • Jaques Loussier Trio – Little Fuge in G minor (punch, speed, transients)
  • Chris Jones – No Sanctuary Here. (bass, vocal placement)
  • Emmanuel Santarromana – Opera (Imaging, speed, detail, vocal presentation and coloration)

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