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    Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee


    We remember it as if it was yesterday, X-FI 2017 in Veldhoven. We already visited lots of rooms and heard a lot of nice set-ups but the best was yet to come. Unsuspectingly we stepped into Hifi Matters’ room and saw a relatively simple system. A Dayens integrated amplifier, a tube buffer made by Icon Audio, a beautiful turntable by Perpetuum Ebner and then the real star of the show: A set of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand Symphony Edition monitors with their bizarre Spidercone driver and that strange pliable front.

    We sat down in the chairs and listened, like everyone else , in absolute silence. It was a magical moment. The music not only sounded detailed and very 3D but also just right. Everything sounded right. When we read that a special anniversary edition of the Haydn was coming out, we asked for a test sample. Fortunately, Hifi Matters had one because only 500 are being made. So hurry if you want one!

    Oh Vienna!

    Austrian Vienna Acoustics isn’t a company concerned with trends and fashions. They sail a clear course and do not deviate from it. They work modestly but with conviction on their well-organized series of loudspeakers. This Haydn Jubilee is in fact the perfect example of that modesty. Instead of boasting with an exclusive floorstander, they choose a unexpensive, compact monitor to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

    The Haydn Jubilee is actually a thank you to the customers and is more sharply priced than the current Haydn Grand SE! In our opinion, the Haydn Jubilee is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the ‘house sound’ of Vienna Acoustics. And this is aptly summarized in their slogan: The art of natural sound.

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