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Xindak XF-2000ES Power Conditioner



  • Tranquillity
  • Slim design
  • Build quality
  • Polarity control


  • Not neutral
  • Sensitive to power supply cable
  • Not cheap, not expensive

Price: € 649

Build quality
Xindak XF-2000ES


The Xindak XF-2000ES is a favorably priced power conditioner in a compact housing. Can we consider the filter a bargain or is the performance in line with the asking price? We’ll find out for you.

Let’s start by mentioning that reviewing Power Conditioners is not easy. This is because a filter in each system reacts slightly differently. So a filter can work very well in one set-up and not fit well in another set-up. We believe, however, that despite this, you can hear how a specific conditioner does its job.

The features of the Xindak XF-2000ES

Let’s start by mentioning that Xindak is a Chinese manufacturer with a pretty cluttered website. We unfortunately see that more often. The included information in English is also minimal. The information tells us that the device contains a transformer that isolates the power strip and that separate filters are built into each group on the power strip. According to the specifications listed on the device, the filter is active from ‘2 -100 MHz’. Now that is quite ambiguous. However, it seems to us that the filter does not start at 2MHz and that 2Hz is meant by this, but as mentioned, the information value provided is minimal. So unfortunately we can’t say for sure.

On top you will find four groups of two plugs in a connector block:

  • One group for power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers
  • One group for preamplifiers
  • A group for ‘sources
  • A group for ‘digital accessories

That immediately raises a question: is a streamer or DAC a digital accessory or a source? Information doesn’t make you any wiser, so the question was answered simply by trying the streamer in all the plug groups and determining what sounds best. In my case, the “sources” group gave the best results. I plugged the iFi PowerX into the ‘digital accessory’ group.

Solidly built

Then a few words about the construction. It must be said: the Xindak XF-2000ES is a slim device, which makes placement easy. Also, the housing is neatly finished; it all feels robust. Slots have been made in the side for cooling. By the way, during the test period the device hardly got warm. But that may be different if you load it more heavily.

On the front, you’ll find an on/off button, a blue-lit voltmeter, and a button labeled “detect” with a red LED above it. More on that later. Unfortunately, the illumination of the voltmeter cannot be turned off. So if you don’t want a blue glow, you have to put it somewhere hidden.

On the back a C13 socket for a power cable, a polarity switch and an earth connection. The ground connection is useful when there is no earth connection available in the wall.

Type test
Single Test
Accessory type
Energy filter / regenerator
Suitable for
  • Sources (Low current)
  • Amplifiers (High current)
Number of connections
Maximum load
  • 2500 watt
  • 10 Ampere