Yamaha MusicCast Bar 40 & Sub 100


  • Musicality
  • Supported formats
  • Remote control


  • No gapless playback
  • No USB
  • Price: € 798

    Build quality



    Are you looking for an attractively priced soundbar with support for multiroom, HDMI connection for 4K HDR, wireless subwoofer and surround speakers? Yamaha has the MusicCast Bar 40 in its assortment, which we are going to test in this review.

    Yamaha, of course, has a name to uphold as the inventor of the sound bar. Not only do they make audio equipment, they also make pianos and other musical instruments from the Yamaha factories. We are curious how that will turn out in a very competitively priced sound bar. The MusicCast bar has a recommended retail price of € 399, -, the accompanying subwoofer (MusicCast Sub 100) also costs around € 400. Great prices and it is very nice that Yamaha also delivers a remote control.

    At the latest

    A relatively compact soundbar emerges from the box. The Yamaha Bar 40 is almost one meter wide, 98cm to be precise, it is 6 cm high and 11 cm deep. With its 3kg it is not too heavy, so hanging it on the wall is no problem. Luckily there are also mounting eyes on the back. The soundbar is made of black plastic all around with a black metal grill on the front. The design is sober, personally pleasing for a sound bar. On top of the soundbar are a number of lights that indicate which input is selected and touch controls for volume, input and standby.

    Of course, the subwoofer is a lot bigger, in terms of size and weight. With over 12kg and a size of 25 x 37 x 42 cm (w x h x d) it is a best unit. The Sub 100 is painted black piano lacquer, a high quality lacquer for this price range so at first glance. The front is equipped with black speaker cloth. As far as appearances are concerned, here too there is hardly any embellishment. With the exception of the rotary knob on top of which the gain of sub can be controlled.


    The MusicCast Bar 40 is equipped with two HDMI connections, one of which has ARC. The connections support passthrough of 4K HDR signals up to 60hz. The Bar 40 also has an analog input in the form of a 3.5mm jack, and an optical toslink connection. Yamaha has fortunately also provided a network connection. USB is unfortunately missing, the connection is there but can only be used for updates. Furthermore, the Yamaha MusicCast Bar 40 has bluetooth (v4.2) and wifi (2.4 and 5 ghz).

    A special addition to the Bar 40 is the bluetooth output. This makes it possible to stream from the soundbar via bluetooth to, for example, headphones. A nice and useful addition that we don’t encounter much yet.

    The subwoofer is of course also equipped with wifi, a network connection and an analogue input. Yamaha, however, used a 3.5 mm jack as input, not a cinch like we see on most subwoofers.

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