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Soort: Academy

Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 1 – The basics of a speaker

We open the second series of the Alpha Audio Academy with an important – perhaps the most important – component in a hi-fi system: the loudspeaker.

Alpha Audio Academy – Episode 4 – Starting with Hifi

Drowning in the hi-fi hobby is not that difficult. Whereas in the computer world a few brands rule the roost, just as in the automobile industry, in the hi-fi world there are an unprecedented number of brands. And an unprecedented number of possibilities that in turn lead to an unprecedented number of combinations. In short: […]

Alpha Audio Academy

Alpha Audio Academy – Episode 3 – Tweaks

One of the great things about a hobby is improving a product, set-up or overall solution. Tweaking is what we call it. In the case of audio, it’s usually about coupling or decoupling speakers, reducing reverberation in the listening room or perhaps adjusting the power supply. In this short video we look at a few […]

Hifi is a snobbish hobby!

In our “Opinion Series” within the Alpha Audio Academy, we want to offer you some insights and tools to enjoy the hobby with common sense. A hobby where fun, sharing knowledge and enjoying music are paramount. And where prejudice, self-righteousness and snobbery can go out the window!