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How a network switch affects audio playback – An extreme deep dive!

For the past few weeks / months, your author has locked himself in a measurement room with lots of switches and loud measuring equipment. This, in order to do some research on the influence of network switches on audio clocks. Will we succeed in finding “proof”?

Switch test

How to create a great network for streaming audio?

Check out a sneak peek of this content! Alpha Audio has been heavily involved in streaming audio for (well over) a decade. Once started with a Logitech Squeezebox and – yes – a Sonos Zoneplayer (later Connect), we have now arrived at two Metrum Acoustics Ambre’s and a homebrew streaming-pc and some Bluesound solutions. All […]

Why a good switch does matter for streaming audio

Keeping an open mind is important. Both in our lives and in our profession. If we as a human race don’t keep an open mind, we are basically at a standstill, as we would be dismissing everything we don’t know. However, at Alpha Audio we also think it is important to understand things. We like […]

The influence of Quality of Service on streaming audio

Networking is already a tricky subject. After all, it’s just 1’s and 0’s traveling the digital highway. And yes: they are. We’ve already written a lot about it. And also our conclusion is that the data arrives undamaged at the entry-port of the streamer. Still, we hear differences in cables and switches. So, we have […]

The Reader Question – A special switch for audio?

We get quite a lot of questions in our mailbox. And that’s nice. Because that way we know what’s going on with you! Some questions we get more often. Think about questions about networks and switches for the audio installation. In this “Reader Question”-series we try to clear things up for you. This time: a […]

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The Ultimate Streaming Audio Network (according to Jaap)

It’s unbelievable how many questions we get around networking. And how many questions are asked about networking in the Facebook group Streaming Audio. And unfortunately a lot of questions are answered, but not very clearly.  Either they are simply incorrect, or they are so technical and ‘over the top’ that the questioner just doesn’t understand […]

Spectrum tot 1000Mhz Paars is Silent Angel en geel is Netgear

Measuring on an audiophile switch – Part 2

Audiophile switches are a new hype it seems. We now see models coming from various manufacturers. Some are even more luxurious and expensive than others. The question is of course: does it really do anything in terms of sound quality? And if so, how is that possible? Because also in the Switch world, we see […]

Meten aan de Silent Angel Bonn N8

Measuring on an audiophile switch… part 1

Audiophile network switches. Jeez. That’s a tricky subject. IT people will laugh very hard when an enthusiast reports that he or she has spent a few hundred or even more than 1000 euros on a switch. Honestly, we’re struggling too. Cause it’s almost impossible to explain. Yet there are differences. Sometimes big, sometimes (very) small. […]

Fiber netwerk audio

A Fiber Network for audio

We have regularly heard from readers that they hear a difference between network cables. And now we’re not going to deny it. However, we are not (yet) convinced about the differences between various UTP cables (Or SFP, S-FTP, etc). What we are curious about is an optical – fiber – network for audio. We bought […]