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Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 6 – Speaker placement

We’ve already talked about the various types of speakers, including filtering and the differences between active and passive. All well and good, but these speakers have to be placed somewhere at some point. And the correct placement of a speaker is perhaps even more important than the type of speaker. The interaction of the speaker […]

Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 5 – Active and Passive

Let’s state up front that this episode is not intended for people looking for a hobby element. We’ll be covering the differences between passive and active speakers here. And the various approaches to an active speaker. Think about a powered speaker, a filter in active elements or a DSP solution.

Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 4 – Monitor or floor stand?

Speakers is a much discussed component on Alpha Audio. The questions regarding this component vary enormously. From: which amplifier do we need, to what is better: a bookshelf or a floorstander. We have already answered a few questions in other episodes. Now we look at the main differences between floorstanders and monitor speakers (or bookshelfs).

Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 3 – Filters

In an ideal world, a speaker would consist of one vibrating object that processes the complete signal. The reason this is ideal is easy to explain: minimalism in hi-fi is always good… fewer components means less loss. And in this case, an influential link is eliminated: the crossover. In fact, a so-called crossover poses some […]

Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 2 – Types of Speakers

When we think of a speaker, we almost immediately think of a cabinet with round units in it that move back and forth… A so-called dynamic speaker. But that’s just one type… In this episode we walk past the various types and try to point out the pros and cons. Note: this will be a […]

Alpha Audio Academy – Series 2 – Episode 1 – The basics of a speaker

We open the second series of the Alpha Audio Academy with an important – perhaps the most important – component in a hi-fi system: the loudspeaker.

Alpha Audio Academy – Episode 6 – CD – Vinyl or Streaming

Vinyl sounds better than streaming. Streaming audio sounds more detailed than CDs. But then again, those have more flow in playback. Hmmm… is all that really true?

Alpha Audio Academy – Episode 5 – Upgrading an existing system

It is the rule rather than the exception in any hobby that we continue to improve. So too with the hi-fi hobby. We keep tweaking and improving to get closer to our ideal (which is not necessarily the reality) Because of this eternal chain of tweaks, the system keeps changing and so do the relationships […]

Alpha Audio Academy – Episode 4 – Starting with Hifi

Drowning in the hi-fi hobby is not that difficult. Whereas in the computer world a few brands rule the roost, just as in the automobile industry, in the hi-fi world there are an unprecedented number of brands. And an unprecedented number of possibilities that in turn lead to an unprecedented number of combinations. In short: […]

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Alpha Audio Academy – Episode 3 – Tweaks

One of the great things about a hobby is improving a product, set-up or overall solution. Tweaking is what we call it. In the case of audio, it’s usually about coupling or decoupling speakers, reducing reverberation in the listening room or perhaps adjusting the power supply. In this short video we look at a few […]