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Sample Test – Purifi Eigentakt EVAL2

Some images don’t need any textual clarification. They just need music! Our goal is to make samples of as many products as possible. Purely because in our opinion it can be fun and useful to just listen to equipment. This time: the Purifi Eigentakt EVAL2 power amplifiers. Of course we play on the reference system: […]

Our new reference system is FINALLY finished!

Yes! Our reference system is FINALLY finished. And our second system has also been updated, so that we also have some interesting alternatives in the middle class. Curious about how this almost year-long ‘journey’ went? We have put everything in the video below.

Workshop – DIY Purifi Eigentakt EVAL2

It’s cool to build something yourself. And it becomes even more fun when it really works and sounds good too. We requested the DIY Purifi Eigentakt EVAL2 kit from SoundImports and put it together on video. This is to show you that it really is not that difficult … In short: do it!

First impression NAD M23 power amplifier – Power and Purity

We have the NAD M23 in our test room. We have already listened to, measured, sampled and photographed the beast of NAD. Time for a first impression! We have listed our first findings for you

First Look – Primare A35.8 multichannel power amplifier

We have the Primare eight-channel A35.8 in our listening room. A beast of a power amplifier. 8 x 150 watts into 8 Ohms! Or if you go to bridge mode: more than 600 watt per bridged channel (check our review for more specs). An unprecedented amount of power. We tell you a little more about […]

High End Munich 2022 – Summary day 2

Our second and final day at the High End Munich. A day jam-packed with flagship speakers, but also new products from Volumio, Atoll and Final pass by. We have a lot to discuss: in what state do we find the HiFi world after two years of lockdowns?

High End Munich 2022 – Summary day 1

After two years of postponement, the time has come: High End Munich! And of course we are there. We saw a lot on the first day and talked to a lot of people. We have summarized things for you in a review of about 30 minutes

Install guide – Jriver 29 media player

We haven’t used Jriver for a while now. If we are correct, version 20 was the latest we used. So… after some years we thought it would be nice to take a look at their lastest and greatest version: 29. We install it and have a look at the possibilities. 

Interview Laurence Dickie – Vivid Audio

After the presentation we forced Laurence Dickie on a chair to talk about his designs. No… kidding. Well… sort of.

Interview Guido Tent – Grimm Audio (Dutch)

Recently, Grimm Audio implemented a large update for the Grimm Audio MU-1. Version 1.4. Yes… just a little number. But owners know that a lot has changed in the software. We interview Guido Tent to find out what has happened. And of course we’ll be nerding out again about DSPs, digital audio and much more.