Full presentation Laurence Dickie – Vivid Audio

Last Friday – and the following weekend – we had a great time at iEAR in Tilburg. Importer Terrason Audio had invited Guido Tent from Grimm Audio and Laurence Dickie from Vivid Audio to tell them all about their products and brand philosophy. We set up the cameras to record the whole thing. After the presentations we put the gentlemen on a chair to find out even more. Those interviews will follow later. For now: Vivid Audio!

Laurence Dickie is the founder and designer of Vivid Audio loudspeakers. Now this is not the first brand he has put his time and energy into. He has also worked for Bowers & Wilkins. In fact, he’s the father of the Nautilus technology as well as the Nautilus 800 speaker. Right… the one with the horns and the Snail shell. What do all those pipes and the shell do? Well… Dickie explains that in his presentation. And he goes into how he further developed that principle for Vivid Audio’s Giya models.

Full presentation Vivid Audio

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