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Give your Bluesound Node 2i a Sound Boost!

We received two Node 2i’s from Bluesound to perform an experiment with. One Node 2i we left standard and the other we modified with a power supply board that allows for an external power supply. In our case the Sbooster BOTW 5 volt. In the first video we show you how to modify the Bluesound Node 2(i) and in the second video you can hear the differences. We have also provided lossless samples for your convenience.

Modifying the Node 2i (white) and black) is not complex. You do have to be a little careful, because we are dealing with plastic clips that can break. However, with a little patience and love, it can be done in about 15 minutes.

The power supply board comes from PD Creative. We used an external – 5 Volt! – power supply from Sbooster.

In the video below we show the steps one by one.

The sound

Download the lossless samples

Short conclusion

All tests were done via the analog output with the standard cabling in the box. In short: not a single tweak was applied.

We hear a slightly larger and better focused stereo image on our comfortable couch. And a tighter bass with a little more detail. Also, the whole seems to play a bit smoother and more ‘naturally’. That’s a good result for about 380 euros. The Node 2i then comes to around 930 euros total.

However, that is close to a Cambridge Audio CXN which sells for about 1100 euros. We have not yet compared them A to B.

For those who now have a Node 2i and want to make a move: this is definitely worth it; you will lose the warranty though ;-).

You can buy this modification via PD Creative

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